Low Price Guarantee

We will not be unsold

Lowest Price GuaranteeParkingLotSafetyProducts.com will beat and or meet any North American competitor’s most current price. If you find a lower price for a similar product imported into the USA from a manufacturer or authorized distributor, please contact our Customer Service department at 607-397-2700, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, or email us at Sales@ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com.

To receive the Low Price Guarantee, the following terms and conditions must be met:

  1. Must be a similar type product (ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com has an approved list of foreign made and imported products, domestic made and is updated regularly at the discretion of ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com) made of recycled rubber sold by a manufacturer, reseller or authorized distributor.
  2. Price must be at competitor’s most current price. A website link, emailed or faxed catalog page from a competitor’s most recent catalog must be provided as proof of price and the exact total with shipping included – landed cost at customer site.
  3. Some competitors reduce product price but raise shipping and handling charges. For this reason, the customers quote must provide shipping charges in order to calculate final total price.
  4. Price provided by the customer cannot be an implied price based on discounts, coupons or other forms of price reductions, however; please provide ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com an opportunity to earn your business.
  5. eBay and all other auction-type websites are not eligible unless in “new or unused” condition and a ‘buy-now” price.
  6. Valid for United States domestic orders only, Canadian orders will be approved at the discretion of ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com management.


The ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com Low Price Guarantee is only valid for 20 days between the time you find a competitor’s product at a lower price, and the time you place a call with ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com. We will not be undersold.

Please buy American made recycled material products and please end supporting imported and subsidized recycled material manufacturing in other countries. Our customer service team will consult with you to help you buy American Made. We need to clean up our country’s 325 million scrap tires first before anyone else’s, do your part and buy from ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com.

Thank you for supporting American Made and ordering from ParkingLotSafetyProducts.com